New Bearcat Comedy Night is a Sell Out -
New Bearcat Comedy Night is a Sell Myrehaug is a successful Canadian stand up that you might have seen on TV. He makes you laugh at things you feel guilty about finding funny. Like his hanging around at tube stations just as the last train is due to leave in order to pick up girls ... [Read More...]
Laughs take Paul Myrehaug around the globe
Kids, if you have a desire to see the world, forget the army. Hone your funny bone and become a standup comedian. It’s worked for Paul Myrehaug.

The Camrose, Alberta, native has spent stints in Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver, and now resides in London. Along the way, he’s plied his trade throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He’s even done military tours in the Middle East, only without having to go through basic training.

Life is good for the 30-year-old former local. Myrehaug left our shores for jolly old England back in March and has been furthering his travels ever since. A gander at his 2013 touring schedule shows him back in the U.K. in February, then in Belgium, the French Alps, and Austria in March, and Switzerland in April. [Read More...]
Phuket Punchline Comedy Night to feature UK comedians -
The Phuket Punchline Comedy Night on June 27th 2012 is set to feature British comics Brian Higgins and Jeremy O’Donnell, plus Canada’s Paul Myrehaug.

Phuket’s residents & tourists will be treated to an evening of side-splitting stand-up at the Phuket Punchline Comedy Night on June 27th 2012.

To be held at the Phuket Punchline Comedy Club at the Holiday Inn Resort, the show will feature the contributions of UK comedians Brian Higgins and Jeremy O’Donnell, as well as Canadian star Paul Myrehaug.

Red-haired Scot Higgins is known for an uproarious act that both plays up and sends up stereotypes about his nationality, while O’Donnell has gained fame both as a stand-up and a writer thanks to his sharp, surreal and observational style.

Meanwhile, Myrehaug is an award-winning performer who has toured the world, winning acclaim from international publications thanks to his natural stage presence and dry humour.

Organisers have promised guests can expect a “night of hilarious no-holds-barred stand-up comedy” from 20:00 local time onwards.

People booking in advance can purchase tickets for 960 baht (£19.60), while those paying at the door will be charged 1,200 baht. - Thailand's Phuket Punchline Comedy Night to ... - PR Urgent (press release)
The Phuket Punchline Comedy Night on June 27th 2012 is set to feature British comics Brian Higgins and Jeremy O'Donnell, plus Canada's Paul Myrehaug...... [Read More...]
Governor General visits Canadian Forces deployed in Kabul
Governor General visits Canadian Forces deployed in Kabul
His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, at left, speaks with Canadian Forces personnel in Kabul on Dec. 25. Photo by Master Cpl. Chris Ward [Read More...]
Around the World in 80 Laughs
Paul Myrehaug, who's a TV comedian, has done acts for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

Paul Myrehaug was funny since the time he can remember, except in the morning, “I'm at my worst in the mornings.” However, he carries the comedy off with a natural flair, in a manner so effortless one might think it was ingrained in his DNA. “I was the class clown for sure, on every report card that came home to my parents it said, ‘Paul is a distraction to others',” he says gleefully. [Read More...]
Paul Myrehaug is a super trooper - Daily News & Analysis
Daily News & Analysis Paul Myrehaug is a super trooper. Daily News & Analysis. That is precisely the reason why learning that Paul Myrehaug had performed for troops in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Kuwait and Iraq had us doing a head-stand (well, almost). Now, if the proof is in the pie, judge.... [Read More...]
Paul Myrehaug -- The comfortable Canadian comedian | Yakima ...
Paul Myrehaug is just, well, he's just, like, record-setting Canadian. The 29-year-old Vancouver, British Columbia-based comedian, who plays Carmen's Comedy Club in Selah this weekend, not only has the accent and the ... [Read More...]
Juan de Fuca Festival schedules comedian -- Port Angeles Port ...
Instead of the bands featured at past fall balls, Paul Myrehaug, the Canadian Laugh-Off champion from Vancouver, B.C., will deliver a stand-up comedy set before acting as auctioneer. The live auction will follow dinner ...
What's So Funny?: Podcast episode 224ish: Paul Myrehaug
Facebook 'friends' of comic Paul Myrehaug recently were treated to a photo of Myrehaug's upper thigh sporting a giant raspberry. It's the hazards of riding a longboard when you're nearing 30. Shortly before that mishap, ...
HubCap kicks off laugh fest - Times and Transcript
HubCap kicks off laugh festTimes and Transcript... Adam Growe of the Discovery Channel show Cash Cab, David Acer, John Wing, Pete Zedlacher, Erica Sigurdson, Rob Pue, Paul Myrehaug and Casey Corbin. ... [Read More...]
Interview With Comedian Paul Myrehaug
Somethings are just funny when they happen to others, so laugh with Paul Myrehaug as he speaks about his outrageous life stories.
Episode 29: Myrehaug Returns
Legendary Vancouver stand-up Paul Myrehaug returns. Kind of… iTunes. RSS.
Stop Podcasting Yourself 129 - Paul Myrehaug | Maximum Fun
Stop Podcasting Yourself 129 - Guests: Paul Myrehaug. Comedian Paul Myrehaug returns to talk mascots, dying trades, ...
Episode 2: Paul Myrehaug
Confused by Matt's suggestion that he interview someone for his next show, Chris James drums up the biggest celebrity he knows: superstar comic, Paul Myrehaug — voted Canada's top comic, 2007. Share/Bookmark.
The Dependent | Vancouver | Culture | News | Opinion » Episode 2 ...
Confused by Matt's suggestion to interview someone for the next show, Chris James drums up the biggest celebrity he knows: superstar comic, Paul Myrehaug — voted Canada's top comic, 2007. Check out more of Paul at his website, ...
Blue-Collar Worker
By Noemi LoPinto / Photographs by Adrian Brown
Paul Myrehaug considers it a good working day if hi spatrons can’t breathe. if they cry hot tears, expectorate on their friends and gasp with pain. the best outcome for this standup comedian is if he kills an entire room of people. With his timing, of course. [Read More...]
Paul Myrehaug Takes Top Prize at Yuk Yuk's
Paul Myrehaug found that taking comedy on the road through northern Alberta was no laughing matter.
Paul Myrehaug’s first thoughts when he heard the announcement did not centre on his comedic genius that swayed the judges in his favour, or the fact that he eliminated most of his debt in one evening. Rather, his mind focused on his closest friend Matt Billon and how he could repay him for standing alongside him all these years. [Read More...]