Laughs take Paul Myrehaug around the globe
Kids, if you have a desire to see the world, forget the army. Hone your funny bone and become a standup comedian. It’s worked for Paul Myrehaug.

The Camrose, Alberta, native has spent stints in Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver, and now resides in London. Along the way, he’s plied his trade throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He’s even done military tours in the Middle East, only without having to go through basic training.

Life is good for the 30-year-old former local. Myrehaug left our shores for jolly old England back in March and has been furthering his travels ever since. A gander at his 2013 touring schedule shows him back in the U.K. in February, then in Belgium, the French Alps, and Austria in March, and Switzerland in April. [Read More...]
Governor General visits Canadian Forces deployed in Kabul
Governor General visits Canadian Forces deployed in Kabul
His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, at left, speaks with Canadian Forces personnel in Kabul on Dec. 25. Photo by Master Cpl. Chris Ward [Read More...]
Around the World in 80 Laughs
Paul Myrehaug, who's a TV comedian, has done acts for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

Paul Myrehaug was funny since the time he can remember, except in the morning, “I'm at my worst in the mornings.” However, he carries the comedy off with a natural flair, in a manner so effortless one might think it was ingrained in his DNA. “I was the class clown for sure, on every report card that came home to my parents it said, ‘Paul is a distraction to others',” he says gleefully. [Read More...]
Blue-Collar Worker
By Noemi LoPinto / Photographs by Adrian Brown
Paul Myrehaug considers it a good working day if hi spatrons can’t breathe. if they cry hot tears, expectorate on their friends and gasp with pain. the best outcome for this standup comedian is if he kills an entire room of people. With his timing, of course. [Read More...]
Paul Myrehaug Takes Top Prize at Yuk Yuk's
Paul Myrehaug found that taking comedy on the road through northern Alberta was no laughing matter.
Paul Myrehaug’s first thoughts when he heard the announcement did not centre on his comedic genius that swayed the judges in his favour, or the fact that he eliminated most of his debt in one evening. Rather, his mind focused on his closest friend Matt Billon and how he could repay him for standing alongside him all these years. [Read More...]