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Published: Friday, Apr 27, 2012, 18:14 IST
By Mahalakshmi Prabhakaran | Place: Bangalore | Agency: DNA
 Paul Myrehaug

Stand-up comedians are not particularly known for their bravado, except possibly while braving an ill-tempered audience. That is precisely the reason why learning that Paul Myrehaug had performed for troops in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Kuwait and Iraq had us doing a head-stand (well, almost). Now, if the proof is in the pie, judge Myrehaug’s ‘funny quotient’ from the interview we had with the dishy comedian.

A stand -up comic since 18 and still going strong?
Comedy is very addictive.I don’t think comics can quit or they would go batty. If I have a week off from performing I start to get itchy.

What are the lessons you’ve learnt along the way?
As a 6 foot 4 inch tall man, I’ve learnt it’s always worth the extra money to pre-book a seat in the emergency row of an airplane.

You celebrated Christmas in 2011 in Afghanistan...what were you thinking!
LOL! Strange decision right?It was an amazing opportunity to see an area of the world I’ll probably never get to see again and I was touring with the Governor General of Canada (kind of like our queen) and other high ranking political figures. So, it just wasn’t an offer that I could turn down no matter how mad it made my

Entertaining troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and one in their sane state of mind would say yes to such a gig.
I’m in a rare position to give something back to the men and women that fight for us. If they’re brave enough to stay go to a war zone and fight for me on the front lines surely I should be brave enough to tell jokes in the safety of the green zones and give a little taste of home to them when they’re overseas. Selfishly, I really enjoy the chance to see the countries and appreciate the rarity of traveling to them.

Any poignant memories you can share from these trips?
Thousands!The Marines’ K-9 Dogs of War is a strong one...they put me in an attack suite and had the german shepherd chase me down like a criminal fleeing the police, really fun! Learning how to shoot an M-16, Blackhawk helicopter rides are always special and flipping upside down inside a tank in a training exercise... tons of really great memories.

As someone who is quite active on the radio, internet and TV circuit, how important is it for a comedian to be ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ on mainstreammedia?
It sure does help if you have a recognizable voice from TV or radio but the biggest thing is that those credits will get your foot through the door with the bookers around the world and gigs come a little more easily.

Now, for some frankspeak, is the possibility of not getting any shows your biggest fear?
For sure! An empty calendar is a big worry and that’s where the majority of our day work is spent. Always hunting down gigs and making sure you have enough for rent.I’ve been lucky in the last couple years but I think every comic in the world is constantly worried the bottom could fall out at any second.

Share one joke or funny line of yours that never fails to get people laughing.
People always seem to love my joke about purposely making my daughter fat with happy meals in order to lessen her chances of attracting men. I think I’d be an over-protective dad.